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Solpex Solar Square Post Lights Set (Brown Base)

  • Bright Lighting
  • Easy Installation
  • Patented Design
  • Efficient Solar Conversion
  • Automatic Operation
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Bright Lighting: Equipped with 30 high-quality LED lamp beads, these solar post lights emit bright white and warm white light through a frosted glass cap, maintaining light lumen around 35 LM.

Easy Installation: Solpex solar-powered post lights can be installed on stakes, fences, decks, stairs, and posts using four or two screws. Alternatively, they can be placed directly on grass and flowers to enhance backyard brightness.

Patented Design: Designed by Solpex with a patented solar post light, featuring a sturdy frosted light shell in classic white that complements any decor.

Efficient Solar Conversion: A large solar panel measuring 3.27in x 3.27in ensures quick solar energy conversion. After 6-8 hours of sunlight charging, the lights can shine for 8-10 hours at night, saving energy while maintaining high efficiency.

Automatic Operation: Turn the switch on, and the super bright solar lamp post will automatically absorb solar energy during the day, illuminating at night when no light source is around.