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Patricia M.

Attention Getters

These lights provide enough light so that you don't always have to have a floodlight on to light your way. They cast a nice geometric light pattern on the surrounding ground. We have a large yard so probably have close to 20 of them in various areas. My husband & cat especially like them as they spend a lot of time outside after dark. I can't think of enough nice things to say as we think they are the perfect outside ground light!!


Precise D.

crackly lights create beautiful effect LOVE them!

They are beautiful! As I walked through my house to get to the door leading outside, I entered a dark hallway. As soon as a I reached it, I was pleasantly surprised to see them light up. HOW COOL! So pretty!! They don't necessarily need a full charge to start working. I am so happy that the battery was charged up enough to let me see how they look since it might be awhile before there is sunshine again, haha.



After 1 harsh winter, 23/24 are still going strong

I live in a climate with pretty bad winters. (Lot's of rain and snow). I bought 2x12 packs of these last summer. After the snow has melted, 23/24 of these are still going strong. The only one that died got knocked over and was buried under the snow for a month or so. I'm very happy with the durability and brightness.



Love these, bought more

These lights are awesome on my deck, in my garden, and way in the back yard where it is normally very dark. They seem to last all night on a day's worth of sunlight, and for the deck, they aren't too bright that bothers the eyes, but bright enough where four or five will do the trick on a decent sized deck. I ended up buying more as I wanted to spread them around more.