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Solpex ‎Modern Solar Ground Lights Set

  • High Efficiency & Environmentally Friendly: 8 robust LEDs
  • Faster Charging & All-Night Illumination
  • Waterproof & Enhanced Durability
  • Easy Installation & Premium Outdoor Decoration
  • Customer Service & Warranty

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High Efficiency & Environmentally Friendly: Featuring a broader polycrystalline solar panel and 8 robust LEDs, Solpex solar ground lights outshine ordinary outdoor solar lights in terms of efficiency. The 600 mAh Ni-MH battery employed in our ground lights offers a 30% higher power reserve compared to other Ni-Cd batteries. This not only extends the service life but also ensures an environmentally friendly operation with no pollution.

Faster Charging & All-Night Illumination: Thanks to the upgraded polycrystalline silicon solar panel, our solar ground lights charge more swiftly than standard lamps. Although charging and operational duration are subject to weather conditions, each improved solar ground light typically provides illumination for 8-10 hours following 4-6 hours of charging.

Waterproof & Enhanced Durability: With a waterproof design and a silicone waterproof ring, you can rest assured even during heavy rain, snow, frost, or sleet. The split circuit board design enhances chip stability, minimizing the risk of damage. To prevent rust, avoid placing the lights in flood-prone locations.

Easy Installation & Premium Outdoor Decoration: Installing these lights is a breeze – just flick the switch under the cap and insert the stake into the soil. The solar ground lights automatically activate in darkness and deactivate during daylight or in well-lit areas. They provide the ideal amount of light to enhance your courtyard, garden, sidewalk, patio, corridor, or pathway.

Warranty: Your satisfaction is our priority. Reach out to our dedicated after-sales team for assistance or if you're not fully satisfied. We offer a comprehensive six-month warranty on all products.